Gluten Free Cakes Singapore


How are the Products packaged?

The packaging is determined by the shape and size of the bakegood. For instance, a slice of cake will be packaged in a Special Cake-shaped box.

Do you cater to Special Dietary Needs? (Such as nut-allergies & soy-allergies)

Yes we do. Please note that the end product made to your request may not have the same texture and flavour in comparison with the original product.

What are the Delivery Pick-up Times?

The pick-up times are our operating hours, which are from 7am to 9pm.

Do you do Delivery?

No, at the moment, we do not cater delivery.

What happens if there are no Recipient(s) to pick up the Product(s)?

We will charge a 'late pick-up' fee of ₤ 5. If there are any last minute cancellations, there are no refunds and the recipient(s) will still be charged the same 'late pick-up' fees of ₤ 5.

Changes or Cancellations?

Recipient(s) are allowed to change their pick-up date(s) 6 days before the actual date-of-collection. Any change or cancellation 6 days before date-of-collection will be charged a fee of ₤ 10 and postpone of order is required.